What is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal medicine is a specialized field of natural medicine that seeks to utilize plants for optimal health. We teach how to reincorporate this lost knowledge into daily life by making it fun and simple. Our work connects people back to their innate healing wisdom and inspires a new relationship with their bodies and nature. We aim to serve clients by meeting them exactly where they are on their healing journey by co-creating a unique wellness plan that works seamlessly their lifestyle.

Meet the Herbalist - Taylor Jeffers

My love for herbal medicine began with a fascination of the earth as a child. It began in the woods where I played amongst trees. It began in my father’s garden where I learned how to nurture plants to grow as food. It began in the open Indiana fields where I collected wild flowers, crystals, and stones. Nature always called me deeper, and because of nature – I found healing.

The herbal path revealed itself to me fully when I was offered teas to help heal the digestive issues that caused me great distress. Ginger & chamomile! How simple, and yet how life-altering.     

After this experience I became wildly passionate about holistic healing and committed to intensive study. 

Now, it is my turn to share this healing wisdom with you. 


My Professional Journey

I knew that in order to share this medicine with the modern world, I would need to be fully equipped with traditional and scientific knowledge of the plants to become a safe, effective, and reliable Clinical Herbalist. That is why I chose to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Herbal Sciences from Bastyr University, a leading school in science-based natural healing.

While at Bastyr, I learned about the historical uses of plants and their modern-day research. We dove deep into botanical identification, growing, harvesting, medicine-making, formulating, pharmacognosy, as well as research and herb/drug interactions. 

I have worked many years in the natural health world, serving local communities and sharing knowledge. Now, as I have settled back into the community that raised me, I offer these gifts to you. 

Education & Credentials

BSc in Herbal Sciences (Bastyr University)

Clinical Intensive (Margi Flint, RH)

Herbalism Internship (Cunning Crow Apothecary)

Naturopathic Pediatrics Shadowing (Fern Valley Natural Health)

Organic Gardening Apprenticeship (Hobbit Gardens)

Plant Spirit Medicine & Herbalism (Laurel Crown Healing)

Pulse, Tongue, & Facial Assessment (Matthew Wood Institute of Herbalism) – on going

Staff Herbalist at Herban Wellness (2016-2018)

Member of The American Herbalist’s Guild

Currently in clinical mentorship with Medical Herbalist Leslie Alexander, PhD. 

Our Healing Intentions

The core of Lionhearted Herbals is to help those in need of healing and to share wisdom. We offer this through private practice, medicine making, retail hours, writing articles, and teaching classes. Our passion is teaching how to incorporate herbs into daily life in a way that is easy, sustainable, and joyful.

Herbal medicine is the people’s medicine. It is affordable and accessible to all.

All walks of life are welcome in my practice. Please know that I have created a safe-space and warmly welcome you.

-Taylor Jeffers, Founder

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